Its Animal week at Buttons Stoke Hammond

The Buttons at Stoke Hammond have enjoyed discovering and exploring animals and pets during our themed weeks, we have had visits from local residents with their animals, we had a full day out at Thrift Farm and today we have been visited by the Ark Farm and met many animals including, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, tortoise, sugar gliders, pygmy hedgehog and Plop the Owl.

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Amended Term Dates 2018/2019

*****DUCK BLOG *****

All our Buttons are super excited as they eagerly await the arrival of their eggs, be sure to check in daily to see how we are learning from this amazing opportunity. 

We have 15 eggs in total, 5 at stoke Hammond, Abbeys and Brooklands Farm, update today at 12.24, currently 5 out of the 15 are showing signs of movement, we anticipate births later today or tomorrow morning.

Day 2 - Today we have come in to find 5 little ducklings busy trying to escape from the incubators, by lunchtime we were able to place them under their special heat pad and the children had their first chance to hold and pet them.

Day 3 - Lucky 13 little ducklings are now being loved and cuddled by our Buttons, they are all bright yellow and extremely fluffy! 2 eggs remain, both showing positive signs of imminent hatching. 

Day 4 & 5 - Snow days - All the Ducks went home with our fabulous staff to spend time with their Buttons families, Rhiannon's dad was very said to see them return to Preschool on Monday.

Day 8 - All ducks return to Preschool following their weekend away, fun was had by them all, some played in the bath whilst others were entertained by Rhiannon's dog, come explored Sam's kitchen and hall way.

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Pirates Week at Brooklands.

This week 18th September 2017 is Pirates Week at Buttons Brooklands to incorporate International talk like a pirate day which is Tuesday 19th September 2017.

Sam and The Team have lots of lovely activities planned, please keep an eye on the website and facebook for photograghs and updates.

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******** DUCK BLOG************

Tuesday 16th May 2017 Buttons at Stoke Hammond received their incubated duck eggs which will hatch over the next 48 hours............ keep posted for more eggciting news, pictures and video's.

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Please be advised that all settings are now closed for the Summer holidays, the new term will start on Tuesday 5th September.

The Buttons Team



To join in with the Vale lottery please click the link below;


Oral Health;

As we all know oral health is very important for young children and we can always benefit from learning more, the NHS has provided this great list of links to teach us even more.