What Our Parents say..

"I just wanted to say a BIG BIG thank you to you all! We wouldn't be where we are now on Parker's journey, if it wasn't for all of you (as well as Danielle, at the start of his Buttons experience at Giffard). He has come on leaps and bounds, and is thriving so much since being in your care. The support and understanding you have all given us as a family, is out of this world! You'll be dearly missed by not only Parker but us too. I couldn't recommend you guys enough and will be sure to spread the word!"

"Marley is really enjoying Buttons, she's made a good friendship group and has a good bond with the staff!"

"I will really miss you all at Buttons. Thank you for being there to hold my hand along the way, being a shoulder to cry on and for everything you have taught me. I have had the best time being a Button."

"I'd like to express my sincere gratitude to you all. For all your patience, hard work and dedication and for being passionate about early childhood education. Thank you for making it easy and fun for Aaron."

"We are so happy to see Nathan improving at Buttons."

"Good afternoon 

I am emailing to champion the staff at Brooklands pre-school. My son started at the end of February this year and I wasn’t able to look round or be there when he settled in due to COVID but Nicki and Kelsey were so supportive about my worries and put my mind at ease. He had a slow transition into pre-school. Nicki and the team were completely understanding and supportive to do this at his pace. Jade, his key person made a point of coming out to talk to me on many occasions to keep me updated with how he was settling and this was really comforting.

Nicki and Kelsey lead the team so well and they all work brilliantly together to provide an excellent service for the children and their families.

The staff are so in tune with the children and all of them spend a lot of time getting to know them.

My son really struggles with language delay and social communication difficulties but Nicki, Kelsey and Jade have worked with me to support him and it’s been a relief to feel I have their support and I have comfort in knowing they are easily approachable. Although I’ve only really discussed my son’s struggles with those members of staff I know the whole team are aware and do so much to support him. I feel so lucky that my son gets the opportunity to attend this pre-school. I hope this email finds its way to the person who oversees this site so they can hear the wonderful work the staff do."

"We are very pleased with Buttons @ Newton Leys, Hallie really enjoy attending and asks to come everyday! We have noticed a huge change in her speech and how she behaves with others since attending."

"All we hear about at home is how nice her friends and teachers are and how much she loves them. The amount of feedback we get as parents through Eylog is great and we regularly spots bits on the Facebook page. We love Buttons!"

"Buttons is a wonderful, nurturing environment where children are encouraged to develop and grow. The staff are so friendly and approachable. All children's needs are catered for and it's lovely to see all the children so excited to get inside and start the day. We are so pleased to have chosen Buttons."

"My daughter attended Buttons Preschool and only left last July. I would highly recommend them for all the attention and updates I received from the staff, it was simply amazing. My daughter loved coming to Buttons everyday, not only to see her friends but all the staff that went above and beyond for all the children in their setting."

"My daughter has finished nursery and I am gutted as it's been one of the best nurseries I have ever seen. The ladies at Wolverton are fab and will be missed dearly. Thank you ladies."

"I am a mum of 4 and love my children dearly. As a childminder myself, I have always strongly believed in a nurturing and loving environment, particularly in their earliest years (and I have quite high standards). I was adamant not to send my 3 year old to preschool, as I thought he could learn what he needed from me. However, he was becoming more and more clingy and would want to follow me around the house. He would also hate other adults coming in the house and social gatherings were becoming a nightmare, as he was scared of people outside of the family. 

I heard some great things from Tracie Bailey and how she puts a lot into her preschools and after finding out that one opened locally I thought I'd give them a call. So, in March he started at Buttons and while the first month was emotional for the both of us, the staff welcomed me in and would never push me to go until he'd settled. Overtime the tears became less and less, and now he doesn't cry at all. He speaks about the staff and activities he does whilst there, and waves us off with a smile. The staff there are like extended family. His confident and self esteem has bloomed since being at Buttons. So I thank all of the team at Buttons, you do a fantastic job! Well done."

"Jo and the team at Buttons have ben so welcoming on the lead up to our 2 year old starting with them. From the moment we first entered the setting we just knew it would be perfect for our adventure loving little boy, as there is so much to explore and get involved with and the outdoor focus is excellent. 

Jo and her wonderful team provided us with a very warm welcome and really took the time to show us around the venue and go through all our questions and queries at our first visits. Jo went above and beyond to help Noah settle and was very attentive to his needs and kept communicating with us along the way, which is so reassuring for parents as it is a big transition for all. The facilities and activities are excellent at Buttons Great Linford and we can't wait to hear all about Noah's journey along the way."

"I would like to say a huge thank you to Emily and her staff and specially my son's key worker Vikki. They have been amazing and made my son Ayman feel very comfortable. Vikki has been kind, caring and so much fun, he talks about her all the time. Thank you for all your hard work."

"Thank you for providing Phoebe with a fun, inventive and caring environment! She's enjoyed it so much. Have a lovely summer!"

"I am very grateful that you guys are helping with Nalla's development."

"The biggest thank you to each and everyone of you for everything you have done for Oliver over the past 11 months. Especially Taz, Molly and Louise. You are so dedicated and caring and that just shows on how far Oliver has come. We could not have picked a setting better for Oliver, you have all taken the time to get to know him and help him develop! Molly, thank you for teaching Oliver "love him" as that is now said in our house 100 times a day. Zoe, Oliver still tells us he is "Team Zoe". Taz, Oliver has told me you are the best at phonics, "better than mummy". You are all truly amazing and Oliver will miss you so much."

"The staff at Buttons are amazing, very professional and always keep you updated on what/how your child is doing."

"It takes a special kind of person to hear what a child cannot say... and we wouldn't be where we are today without your love and support for Amelia throughout these last 3 years! Happy National Teachers Day to Tracie, Nicki, Jasmin and to all the ladies at Buttons that play a huge role in Amelia's world! As it gets closer to Amelia leaving to go to Slated Row, please know that you will always have a special place in our hearts and we will never forget everything you have done for not just Amelia but for us as a family. Buttons Forever!"

"Riley loves coming to Preschool and seems to be learning lots. He is building amazing new friendships."

"My son has come on leaps and bounds since the day he started at Buttons (Abbeys). We moved to Buttons from a different nursery, where he was being hurt and was constantly upset. His first day at Buttons he was so happy and that continued everyday! He made some amazing friendships with both the children and the staff, who I think he will remember for a very long time. A huge thank you to all the staff at Abbeys and Tracie for helping my little man to grow in all areas and bring our his confidence."

"Buttons is a fantastic preschool, both my children attend and have learning difficulties. My daughter has done so well since becoming a Button as she didn't speak much to now speaking full sentences and learning songs with the alphabet. My son is autistic and I wasn't sure about putting him into nursery but he is doing fantastic and running in with confidence and playing straight away, thanks again and keep up the good work guys."

"My little boy has been with Buttons a year now and his development has been exceptional. His speech and understanding has come on leaps and bounds. The staff at Chepstow and Abbeys deserve recognition for the time they have put in with the children. My thanks go to Grace, Jo and Carly at Chepstow and Stacey and Katie at Abbeys you're all brilliant along with Tracie. Keep up the good work Buttons."

"My boy goes to Buttons, he is so happy going and always comes home with a smile. The staff are really friendly, helpful and understanding. I couldn't have asked for a better nursery."

"I'd just like to thank all the staff at Buttons @ Willen for all your amazing work, Sophia is going to miss you all!"

"I thought it's about time I give Buttons the rating they deserve. My son started in September, aged 3 at the Stoke Hammond setting and just to mention my son has a few difficulties (ASD related) and is non verbal. In the few weeks he has been at Buttons he has come a huge way. He listens and is starting to understand simple instructions at home, this is a massive improvement for him. He looks for toys when I mention them, his eating has took a step forward, his meltdowns have reduced and he is coping better with children around him. I cannot stress how big of an improvement there has been and it's all down to the hard work that Buttons have provided him with. A special mention to his key worker Rhiannon, she is coping amazingly, which is something I worried about, due to his past experiences in his last setting. Freddie is a very energetic child and with the support from Buttons I know he is going to thrive."