A Day in The Life of a BUTTON.

Mummy says I must have an early night tonight. That is because tomorrow I have a day full of exciting new experiences planned. You may be wondering where I am going? It’s a preschool day and I attend Buttons Preschool.

Sometimes I can feel anxious leaving mummy but I know that I will not tomorrow. That is as I am sure to be greeted on the door by a friendly and familiar face, my key worker. My key worker is amazing. She is one of my biggest supporters, a role model and someone who ensures my safety at preschool.

I am aware of my preschool routine and know exactly what to do when I get to preschool. Firstly I must hang my coat and bag on my peg. Mummy is super impressed that I know exactly what peg is mine. I have not told her yet but my teachers have made it easier for me. There is a picture on each peg, attached to our names so that my friends and I know where to hang all of our belongings.

It is then time for self-registration. I am in the blue team, which means that I am a blue Button. My teachers say that I am clever, as I have memorised all of my friends Button colours along with their key workers. Once I have posted the blue Button with my name on it in the box, my teachers and friends know that I am ready for the day ahead.

Next up is when I could burst with excitement. Every time I enter my preschool classroom I am amazed by the new and motivating experiences my teachers have set out for me. I know for sure that there will be something sensational for me to create, small world experiences that inspire me to learn and discover, as well as a role for me to take on during play. My mummy says that she likes the choosing trollies, as this provides my friends and I with lots of experience choices.

Do you want to know something? I bet you cannot make a room full of 2,3 and 4 year olds stop to listen by singing a short song. Well my teachers can. It is our “Clap your hands and wiggle your fingers, it is time to stop now” song, my mummy says it is magic. Whenever my teachers sing this song, I know that there is a transition happening. For example, this could mean that it is carpet time. I love carpet time. Not only do my friends and I get to sing some of our favourite preschool songs, my teachers talk to us about what day of the week it is and the weather. Together we brain storm the preschool golden rules to ensure that every body is using their walking feet inside, their kind hands and listening ears. Oh and if you’re super lucky, you may be the ‘Buttons Special Helper’.

Snack time at preschool is like a social gathering. My friends and I have learnt so much surrounding healthy eating. I am able to show my teachers how grown up I am as I can now wash and dry my hands without adult support. For snack my friends and I have the choice of a piece of fruit or vegetable and a carbohydrate. Did you know that carbohydrates give you energy? My favourite drink to have at preschool is milk however my friends like to have water instead. We are encouraged by our teachers to serve our own snack and have special tongs to do so. Mummy was surprised when I buttered my own toast at home. This is as she did not realise that preschool had taught me how to use tools safely.

What I like about Buttons Preschool is that I can access the garden whenever I want. It is a free flow setting that means that the garden is always open. I have recently learnt how to put on my own coat. Don’t say I told you but there is a secret trick that my key worker demonstrated to me. Playing in the garden provides me with the opportunity to learn about the world we live in. My teachers always plan experiences around what the children enjoy so there is lots to do. Some of my favourite things to experience in the garden are; the climbing apparatus, bikes and making potions using herbs and flowers.

I love telling mummy about the local walks my friends and I go on with preschool. My teachers always ensure that we go on a local walk at least once a week. We wear brightly coloured high viz jackets, so everybody can see us coming. Preschool has parks and a beautiful canal I love seeing the horses and visiting the local duck pond. Mummy always receives beautiful pictures on Eylog of my friends and I having fun out and the Preschool area.

Well I best be off now, have an exciting day planned for tomorrow. Before I go I should probably let you know that Buttons have an open door policy, where you can come with your child for a show around.

I hope to see you soon, goodnight everyone.


To register your child to attend one of our Preschools please download the forms and return them to the Preschool setting you would like your child to attend



Although uniform is not compulsory we do recommend it, we have supplies of uniform including lovely warm fleeces available at very reasonable prices, please speak to a member of staff if you would like to purchase some. We also have winter bobble hats and sun hats too, please speak to staff if you are interested.

Our prices are as follows;

Polo Shirt - £10.00   (Purple or Yellow)

- Available in age 2, 3-4 or 5-6

Sweat shirt - £12.00  (Purple or Yellow)

- Available in age 2, 3-4 or 5-6

Fleece - £14.00  (Purple)

- Available in age 3-4 or 5-6

Jogging Bottoms - £12.00 (Black)

- Available in age 2, 3-4 or 5-6

Baseball Hats - £5.50 (Yellow)

Legionnaire Hats - £5.50 (Yellow)

P.E Bags - £6.00

Book bags are provided in welcome packs, they are also available to purchase for £5 each.

Please specify the sizes you wish to order on email.

New Waterproof Fleece Jackets - £22.00