W/C 29th April 2019

This week the children had a story adventure, we went on a bear hunt. We put used our hands as our feet and went through sensory boxes of grass, mud, water, bark, and snow.  The children then explained what each box smelt or felt like, describing the texture of the boxes content.

This week we did clay models the children were allowed to make their own model some that consisted of dinosaurs, hospitals, faces, The Gruffalo or creatures. They stuck natural resources that they could find around them and stuck them into their clay the children had a fantastic time getting dirty and took the clay models home, showing their friends and family what they have made. "I'm making a dinosaur, roar" explained a child from Giffard Park.

W/C 17th September 2018
This week the children had a story adventure, we went on a bear hunt. We put on wellie boots and went through sensory boxes of grass, mud, water, bark, and snow to then enter the bears cave and find a bear inside.  The children then continued to play with the sensory boxes, mixing the contents together and kept retelling the story.

W/C 21st September 2018
This week we focused on birds and our environment, we made bird feeders out of old toilet tube rolls and spread butter using a knife over the tube, before rolling it into the bird seed and putting string to hang it up. The children hung some bird feeders up in the preschool garden and took some home to put in their gardens. "I have birds in my garden" explained a child from Stoke Hammond "It's called a black bird"

W/C 1st October 2018
This week we made den out of rope, tarpaulin, tent pegs and a mallet the children put the Rope up against two trees and hung the tarpaulin over it, the children were then allowed to use the Mallet to hammer in the pegs to make a tent shaped den before having a story read to them. Lots of them wanted to do it again. 

W/C 8th October 2018
This week the children with learning about safety we made cheese and ham toasties and cooked them on a safe and controlled fire. The children took part in putting the toasties together then carefully placing them onto the fire and waiting until they where cooked. All the children tried some and a child from Newton Leys said "I made this, wow"

W/C 11th October 2018
This week we went on a walk to find autumn things in our environment the children had fun going for a walk and finding leaves sticks trees footprints and some sites even saw boats on the canal. the children did very well to what was being asked and knew that if we had to cross the road we had to look left and right to make sure nothing was coming. At some sites the children decided to play with the leaves we threw them up into the air and watch the wind take them off through the Sky

W/C 5th November 2018
This week's Forest School adventure was doing tree and leaf rubbings we found lots of different patterns in our environment from leaves trees bark the pavement and bricks. The children all helped me to create a picture using the outside environment in the preschool garden we had fun looking at different coloured leaves and how the crayons matched different colours in our environment

W/C 12th November 2018 
The children learnt this week how to use sparklers safely every child had the opportunity to hold a sparkler some children were a bit scared as they never help one before so others were quite confident and showed their peers how to hold it safely some children did not want to hold a sparkler though were encouraged to watch the sparkler as it went down though nearing the end of the sparkler they held it themselves "wow this is cool" said a child from Abbey's School

W/C 19th November 2018
This week is a story week we focused on a story telling hunt, about unicorns, fairies and dragons. "Once upon a time in a little fairy village live some fairies, unicorns and dragons. One day the unicorns and dragons had an argument with each other because the unicorns liked the cold weather and the dragons liked the hot weather. No one knew what to do, then an idea sprung into the littlest fairies head, "why dont we have 4 seasons, 2 hot and 2 cold" everyone thought that was a great idea. Therefore the dragons had fun in the spring and summer and the unicorns had fun in the autumn and winter, and they all lived happily ever after." Once the story had finished the children had fun to look around the garden to find the cheeky characters who had hidden, the children matched the characters to the story scenes.

W/c 26th November 2018
This week we have had fun with paint we got sponges and put them into the paint before placing them onto paper and using a hammer to hit the sponge it made a big mess on our paper they look like fireworks like the sparklers we had had a couple of weeks ago the children explored how the primary colours mixed together made different colours on the paper.
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